Our Impact:

Today, the community's pride in this facility is seen as many volunteers serve as tour guides during the summer months and assist in preparing for planned events.  Pioneer families of the region have generously donated artifacts for display which are important to the history of the area.

To date, the Bruce Museum Complex has expanded beyond the historic Bruce Mansion to include the following properties: 

CARRIAGE HOUSE featuring handsome horse-drawn transportation

SCHOOL HOUSE with scholastic and educational artifacts from the area

WAIT'S MILL HOUSE which shelters a replica of Waitsburg's 1865 Flour Mill

WILSON-PHILLIPS HOUSE with curated special collections of local interest

Because we avoid the use of government funds in the restoration of the buildings and grounds, the Historical Society relies heavily on donations, memorials, endowments, and memberships.   The annual Pioneer Fall Festival is presented as a community service and no admission is charged.